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Lawrence Heights Phase 1

Lawrence-Allen Revitalization - Phase 1

The Lawrence-Allen Secondary Plan was approved by Council on November 30, 2011.  The Secondary Plan is the policy framework guiding the revitalization of Lawrence Heights over a 20 year period.  The revitalization of Lawrence-Heights will be achieved in a number of phases.  The draft plan of subdivision for Phase 1 was approved by Toronto City Council October 2012.  Phase 1 will be subdivided into further sub-phases.  

What's New

The City received a resubmission of the site plan application for Phase 1A on September 30, 2014.  The revised proposal includes the construction of 10 at grade townhouse units, a 15 storey condominium building containing 315 units and a 2 storey building base, a 7 storey building containing 77 rental replacement units.  Approximately 1,600m2 of at grade retail is proposed in the base.  A total of 417 car and 310 bike parking spaces are proposed in the underground parking; 33 at grade bike parking spaces are proposed.  The proposed development would result in the demolition of 22 rent geared to income units currently on site.  

Site Plan Application #14 148923SA Second Submission: September 30, 2014

The City received a full Engineering submission for the draft plan of subdivision application for Phase 1A on November 25, 2014. 

Subdivision Application # 10 170538 SB – November 25, 2014.  

For more background information regarding the planning process for the Lawrence –Allen Revitalization Project, and a link to the Official Plan Amendment please visit the project page.