Among the many benefits of Union Station's revitalization is that the station will be fully compliant with the Ontario Building Code, making it barrier-free and accessible to all.

Once complete, the revitalization will result in the following:

  • A barrier-free path of travel throughout the facility from a designated barrier-free entrance.
  • Dedicated elevators or ramps serving every primary pedestrian path that provides access to and from the VIA concourse, GO concourses, TTC or any of the adjoining buildings and streets..
  • Elevators and ramps placed as close to the primary pedestrian paths as possible.
  • Better signage and lighting that meet modern accessibility requirements.
  • Washrooms with barrier-free accommodations.

What about pre-revitalization?

During construction, the City of Toronto is working with GO Transit and VIA Rail to ensure that accessibility is maintained through the station.

Click here for barrier-free directions to and within Union Station.


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