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High Park

Maple Leaf garden in High Park

This large, centrally located park is a jewel in Toronto’s park system. High Park combines extensive natural areas with maintained parkland, recreational facilities and popular attractions for a unique urban park experience that can be enjoyed year-round. High Park is home to many species of wildlife and contains an outstanding concentration of rare plant species.

This park features: Natural areas and walking trails, sports facilities, historic Hillside Gardens, Children's Garden, Grenadier Pond, High Park Zoo, Colborne Lodge, Trackless Train


Feature Highlights


Cherry Blossoms

High Park is home to a large collection of Japanese cherry trees. Every spring when the weather warms up, these trees come into bloom. Their brilliant and graceful display of cherry blossoms ("sakura") draws visitors from across the city and beyond.  



From cherry blossoms and gardens to llamas and fishing in Grenadier Pond, High Park has plenty of things to see and do!


Programs and Activities

Experience High Park in all seasons! Explore the park on foot, by bike or even on skis. Winter or summer, there is something for everyone. Learn more about the amenities High Park has to offer.


High Park Dog Off Leash Area

Select areas and trails within High Park are designated off-leash. Please keep your dog within the fenced Off-Leash Area. The areas beyond the fencing are environmentally sensitive. Help us protect these areas by not allowing your dog to run free outside of the Off-Leash Area.

old black and white phot of men in winnter with a bison

High Park Zoo

The High Park Zoo dates back to the 1890s when its paddocks were used to house deer. Today the zoo's nine paddocks are home to a variety of animal species from around the world including bison, llamas, peacocks, deer, highland cattle and sheep.