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Consulting Services Expenditures

This dataset contains five years of consulting services expenditure history for divisions and major agencies, boards and commissions of the City of Toronto.

  • BUDGET TYPE - Budget that expenses were charged under 
  • CITY/ABC - Identifying abbreviation for City cluster or agency, board, commission 
  • EXPENSE CATEGORY - Expense category as defined in code tables 
  • DIVISION/BOARD - Name of city division or agency, board, commission 
  • CONTRACT DATE - Issue date of consulting contract 
  • CONTRACT/PO NUMBER - Identifying number of contract or purchase order 
  • CONSULTANT'S NAME - Consultant's name or company name 
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK - A brief description of the contracted services 
  • yyyy EXPENDITURE $ - Total expenditure for the specified year in dollars


Some of the smaller agencies, boards and commissions are not included in this dataset. Each year's expenses are reported on a separate worksheet.

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