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Property Boundaries

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FID: Feature Identification
SHAPE: Polygon
ID: 0

This data is a GIS file that outlines the geographical area of all properties in the City of Toronto.

A note on property assessments:
MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) holds copyright on many aspects of data around properties. The City of Toronto is unable to provide this data. From the MPAC website:

MPAC’s range of services includes:

    • Preparing annual Assessment Rolls for use by municipalities and the Province to calculate property and education taxes.

Assessment Maps and Ontario Parcel™

In 2005, MPAC, the Ontario Government and Teranet Enterprises Inc. completed the Ontario Parcel™ – an ambitious project that brings assessment, ownership and land parcel data for almost 4.6 million properties into a standardized digital database. ...

The Ontario Parcel™ is available to Ontario municipalities, public organizations and private businesses. Among other things, the Ontario Parcel™ data can be applied to property assessment and taxation, land registration, land use planning, land management and business planning.

With the implementation of the Ontario Parcel™ and the digital mapping environment, MPAC no longer produces paper assessment maps.

If you would like more information about the products and services available under the Ontario Parcel™, please visit the Ontario Parcel™ website at

You will need to contact MPAC directly for data that you may perceive as missing. MPAC website.

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