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Temporary Sign Permit Applications

There are two types of signs: temporary and permanent. Temporary signs are not permanently attached or fixed to a structure or surface. Find out whether your temporary sign needs a permit below.  You can apply by mail or in person.

For information about permanent sign regulations, click here.

Municipal Code Chapter 693 and Chapter 545 regulate size, location and permit requirements for temporary signs on private and public property.


Types of Temporary Sign Permits


A-Frame Signs

Learn about "A-frame" or "portable" signs, temporary signs which are placed in front of a business.

development sign

Development Signs

Learn about "development signs", temporary signs used for new building developments, such as condominiums, townhouses or other new homes. 

mobile sign.jpg

Mobile Signs

Learn about "mobile signs", temporary signs used for advertising various events, activities and promotions. 

Additional Information for Temporary Signs

Which signs do not require permits?

Learn about the signs that do not require permits and the regulations that apply.  Sign examples include those for garage sales, real estate, open house directional, community, charitable, religious organizations and schools.