Building Permits

Electronic Submission Guidelines

Toronto Building requires the mandatory electronic submission of all documents including forms, reports, specifications, calculations and plans (Chapter 363-5 of the Municipal Code).

FASTRACK applications may be submitted by email, on a rewritable DVD, USB, or on a page with a maximum dimension of 11" X 17" to facilitate scanning.

All Documents must be submitted at a Toronto Building Customer Service location on a rewritable DVD (DVD-RW or DVD+RW), USB or for eligible projects, by email. Click Email Submission Channel to see which applications are eligible.

Re-submissions of documents and plans/drawings must be submitted by email or via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) where the file(s) exceeds 10mb and up to 300mb (10 files maximum). Details of the SFTP process are provided below. Submission by fax is not permitted. Resubmission drawings will not be accepted on USB.

Submission Requirements

The following are the submission requirements for all documents and plans/drawings:

  • All electronic documents and plans/drawings must be submitted in “Portable Document Format (PDF), version 7 or later.
    • Files must be unsecured and not password protected.
    • Forms should be completed and signed electronically. All Toronto Building forms are available online in fill-able format. Please refer to instructions here on how to create an electronic signature. Acrobat Reader X (10) is required to add multiple signatures to forms.
    • Plans/Drawings with multiple pages and sets must be combined into a single electronic document (PDF) in the same order as the submitted paper document.
    • Documents/Drawings containing multiple layers must be flattened to a single layer prior to submission.
    • Documents/Drawings must have no comments. Text placed on the PDF as a comment must be flattened or removed. When rendering drawings to PDF options for saving text as comments must not be selected.
    • Submitted PDF files must be a single layer.
    • Drawings and Specifications must be in black and white only. Full colour renderings and photos may be submitted, but only as supplements to a sufficient set of plans.
    • Electronically produced documents and plans / drawings (i.e. dwg, docx) must be converted directly into a PDF for submission. Printing to paper and scanning it to create a PDF should be avoided.
    • The maximum page size is an ARCH E (36"x48" or 914.4mm x 1219.2mm).
    • The scale and page size of the plans/drawings on the PDF must match the scale and page size of the full-sized plans/drawings on paper.
    • Documents must be properly labelled. PDF file names for Electronic Documents should have an abbreviated description of the documents (Click here for examples).
  • All plans/drawings must include all the information required in Schedule D of Municipal Code Chapter 363 for Building Permit applications and the Sign Permit and Building Permit Plan Requirements for sign permit applications.
  • HVAC and plumbing plans/drawings must be submitted as separate electronic documents (PDFs) for each mechanical permit application and plumbing permit application.
  • Electrical/emergency lighting/fire alarm, sprinkler and other fire safety systems must be submitted as part of the building permit set.
  • Shoring, foundation and other structural plans/drawings must be included in the building permit set with ability to be extracted by the examiner for issuance of part permits, if necessary.
  • Fire Schematic Layout, which includes floor plans and cross-section(s) indicating all fire resistance ratings and fire separations as required by the Ontario Building Code, shall be included as part of the submission.
  • Where a submission is being made to address a deficiency identified by a plan examiner, an electronic copy of the revised plans, along with a paper copy, must be submitted to the plan examiner with the changes clearly labelled and red-lined.

Requirement for Scanning

Scanned documents must meet the following requirements:

  • Plans/drawings must be at a resolution that is easily legible on screen and pages must not be skewed.
  • Scanned resolutions 1-bit black and white 300 dpi is usually acceptable. For plans/drawings containing fine lines 600 dpi resolution is required.
  • Do not reduce the scanned document size.
  • Scanning documents in full colour is only necessary if it contains photographs.

Email / DVD / USB/ SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

  • Toronto Building now accepts applications for many types of building permits and other service requests by email and at any of our district customer service counters. Find out which services can be submitted by email.
  • Large documents can be submitted via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) provided they do not exceed 10 files and 300mb in total number and size.
  • DVD must be re-writable and may be used to deliver the final issued documents.
  • The USB containing the PDF files must:

    • Be compatible with Windows. To format USB, plug the USB into the computer and navigate to the drive. Once located, right click on the drive and select "Format". When prompted, please select either FAT32 or NTFS. Please note: Any documents saved on the USB prior to completing the formatting will be deleted. 
    • Contain only the PDF files for the building application. There should be no additional, unrelated documents on the USB drive.

    • Not contain documents that are compressed or zipped, and

    • for single permit application must not contain folders of any kind. All files must be readily visible when the USB is accessed, or

    • for multiple permit applications must have their corresponding documents in separate folders


Non-compliant submission may be subject to digitization fees and may delay processing times.

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