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Heritage Register

See Readme file in Shapefile.

The heritage register is a list required under the Ontario Heritage Act that identifies properties of cultural heritage or interest that have been listed or designated by City Council under Part IV and V of the Act. The Inventory was started in 1973, it currently comprises approximately10,000 properties ranging from well-known landmark buildings and structures to private homes and properties in heritage districts.

Dataset contains properties located within the City of Toronto boundaries only.

Dataset not intended for legal purposes without reference to council decision documents and City by-laws. For a fee, Heritage Preservation Services can supply a letter confirming the status of a property on the Register.   

Updates post publication data date can be obtained by consulting council decision documents.

Please note, some properties indicated as "designated" may be subject to an intention to designate by City Council, and should be considered fully designated for the purposes of alterations and permitting.


Data may not accurately overlay with the Street Centreline and Address point file as well as other foundation geography.

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