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Open Government Staff Survey

In January 2015, the City's Open Government Committee - senior staff who promote an organizational culture of greater collaboration and openness - organized an internal Open Government Survey for the Toronto Public Service. The purpose of the survey was to learn how City staff viewed Open Government and discover their thoughts and stories about "opening up" government. The honest assessment provided by City staff would enable the committee to set priorities and focus on things that would help Toronto achieve the City's Strategic Action #13 Open Government by Design.


The data represented here was provided only by a subset of City staff. Personal and identifiable information was removed in accordance with privacy standards.

The City is committed to 'opening up government'. Open Government is about ensuring access to timely, reliable and relevant information which enables the public to choose when and how to use City services or engage in policy decision-making. Being transparent about what the City does demonstrates accountability. Being open builds public trust and confidence in government.

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