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Utility Cut Permit Applications

The Municipal Consent Requirements (MCR)  provides for the efficient review of applications for installations of underground plant within the streets of Toronto. It also ensures that the City receives the information necessary for it to effectively fulfill its responsibilities as custodian of the streets.

MCR - Municipal Consent Requirements  2016-05
Appendix A - Permit Application Office  2015-03
Appendix B - Utility Circulations Contacts  2017-02
Appendix C - City District Map  2015-09
Appendix D - TS 4.60 - Construction Specification for Utility Cut and Restoration  2016-04
Appendix E - TS 4.70 - Construction Specification for Keyhole Excavation and Temporary Reinstatement of Keyhole Cores  2016-04
Appendix F - Tree Protection Policy 2009-05
Appendix G - Traffic Control 2004-12-06
Appendix H - Material Specifications 2004-12-06
Appendix I - Unshrinkable Fill 2004-12-06
Appendix J -  Full Stream Electronic Submission Process  2017-03
Appendix K - Permit Application Form 2007-09
Appendix L - Request for New Applicant Code 2004-12-06
Appendix M - Guidelines for Completing Permit Application Form 2004-12-06
Appendix N - Project Information Sign 2007-03-08
Appendix O - Vertical and Horizontal Clearance Guidelines  2016-12
Appendix P - Standard Utility Locations in Greenfield Developments 2008-04-22
Appendix R - Minimum Location Certificate Requirements 2010-07-09
Appendix Q - Permit Drawing Standards 2004-12-06
Appendix S - Street Classifications 2004-12-06
Appendix U - Site Service Permit 2009-03-27
Appendix Z - Document History  2017-03

Toronto Public Utilities Coordinating Committee (TPUCC)

The TPUCC membership includes the City of Toronto and utility companies who own and operate facilities in the public road allowance to provide residents of Toronto with transportation, telecommunications, energy, water and sewage service. The TPUCC is concerned with the orderly, safe and efficient planning, design and construction and maintenance of these services within the public road allowance in Toronto.