Community Involvement

Natural Ice Rinks

In many communities, volunteers come together to create natural ice rinks on parkland. About 30 to 40 natural ice rinks are typically built each year. These community-run rinks offer a great back-to-nature skating experience. Availability and ice conditions can vary throughout the winter based on weather and volunteer maintenance. These rinks are available to the general public at their own risk. We encourage all skaters to wear a helmet for their personal safety.

See the map of the 2016/2017 approved natural ice rink locations.

natural ice rink

Natural ice rinks are made with support from Parks staff, who approve suitable sites and provide access to water, hoses, shovels and instruction on how to build and maintain a rink. Boards up to 10" in height are sometimes supplied and installed by the volunteers.

Please note Rink openings are weather dependent.

Applications to create a natural rink

2016/2017 Approved Natural Ice Rink Locations