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Toronto Food Policy Council (TFPC) publications are all classified as "works in progress". They are released as discussion papers to encourage future policy development, and, unless otherwise stated, do not reflect formal policy positions adopted by Toronto Public Health or the Board of Health.

1. A home-grown strategy for Ontario Agriculture - A new deal for farmers, a new relationship with consumers(PDF)
June 2007
2. The way to a city's heart is through its stomach: putting food security on the urban planning menu. (PDF)
June 2001
3. Food secure city - TFPC submission to the Toronto official plan. (PDF)
February 2000
4. The Canadian regulatory process,for evaluating recombinant bovine growth hormone in the dairy industry: a critical review. (PDF)
September 2000
5. Feeding the city from the back 40: a commercial food production plan for the city of Toronto. (PDF)
November 1999
6. A wealth of food: a profile of Toronto's food economy. (PDF)
January 1999
7. Making consumers sovereign: how to change food information systems so food shoppers are the informed consumers governments and businesses say they should be. (PDF)
September 1998
8. Cutting out the fat: food and agriculture policies, programs, regulations and pricing mechanisms that promote the production and distribution of fat in our food system. (PDF)
May 1998
9. Recombinant bovine growth hormone. (PDF)
August 1997
10. Is food the next public health challenge? (PDF)
September 1997
11. Food retail structure and food security. (PDF)
December 1996
12. Reducing urban hunger in Ontario: policy responses to support the transition from food charity to local food security (PDF)
December 1994
13. Stories of Micro Food Enterprises and Implications for Economic Development. (PDF)
October 1995
14. Health, wealth and the environment: the impacts of the CUSTA, GATT and NAFTA on Canadian food security. (PDF)
August 1994