City Budget

City Building and Infrastructure Services

Budget Notes


2017 City Planning Budget

City Planning helps to guide and manage the City’s growth and physical form, and the effects on the social, economic and natural environment while striving to enhance the quality of life for Toronto’s diverse residential and business communities.


2017 Fire Services

Toronto Fire Services (TFS) provides City of Toronto residents and businesses with protection against loss of life, property and the environment from the effects of fire, illness, accidents, and all other hazards through preparedness, prevention, public education, and emergency response with an emphasis on quality services, efficiency, effectiveness, and safety.


2017 Municipal Licensing and Standards

Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS) provides bylaw administration and enforcement services to the City of Toronto. MLS deliverables include By-Law Enforcement services with targeted strategies to address graffiti, noise, business inspections, parks regulations and animal services issues and include Business Licensing and Permitting, Property Standards, including inspection and owner compliance; and Animal Care including control, sheltering and adoption services.


2017 Policy, Planning, Finance & Administration

The Policy, Planning, Finance and Administration (PPF&A) Division provides centralized financial and administrative support to the Deputy City Manager and Cluster B Programs so that they can focus on providing services to the residents and businesses in the City of Toronto.


2017 Engineering and Construction Services

Engineering and Construction Services provides specialized engineering design and construction services to internal clients (Toronto Water, Transportation Services, Solid Waste Management Services), and external clients (development industry, utility companies and other public agencies) creating safe and sustainable municipal infrastructure.


2017 Toronto Building

Toronto Building helps to make the buildings where we live, work and play safe. The Program reviews permit applications, issues permits, and conducts inspections in accordance with the Ontario Building Code, the City of Toronto's zoning by-laws and other legislation. In addition, the Program also performs preliminary reviews as part of the City's development approval process, provides the public with zoning and building code information, and technical advice to City Council, Committees, Programs, and Agencies.


2017 Transportation Services

Transportation Services strives to be a leader in providing safe, efficient and effective transportation solutions to serve the needs of our residents, businesses and visitors in an environmentally, socially and economically prudent manner through planning, engineering, designing, maintaining and operating the City’s municipal transportation system.


2017 Waterfront Revitalization Initiative

The revitalization of Toronto's Waterfront is a 25 to 30 year project, in coordination with the three orders of government that will leverage an investment of $1.5 billion ($500 million City share) to provides funding for projects that focus on public investment in infrastructure, roads, parks and public spaces, community facilities, brownfield remediation, and building sustainable communities.


2017 Toronto Water Budget

Toronto Water delivers water treatment and distribution, and wastewater collection and treatment services on demand to 3.4 million residents and businesses in Toronto, and portions of York and Peel.


2017 Solid Waste Rate Supported Budget

Solid Waste Management Services is responsible for collecting, transporting, processing, composting and disposal of municipal and some private sector waste. This includes garbage, Blue Bin recyclables, Green Bin organics, litter, yard waste, oversized and metal items, as well as household hazardous waste and electronic waste. SWMS' goal is to be a leader in providing innovative waste management services within the City of Toronto in a sage, efficient, and courteous manner, creating environmental sustainability, promoting waste diversion and maintaining a clean city.