City Clerk's Office

Accessing City Information

If you would like to access City information, Corporate Information Management Services (CIMS) has a number of ways to help you. 

We'll provide you access to historical information at the City of Toronto Archives, process a Freedom of Information Request, and protect your personal information. 

We also manage City information on your behalf and help open up government. Our resource library is available for you to browse and use.

CIMS is a section within the City Clerk's Office.

Our Services

Open Government

Open Government

Information is the lifeblood of an accessible, transparent, accountable government. Find out about the City's commitment to "open up government".

Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information

Looking for current information? Check with the City service area first or make a Freedom of Information request.


Faces of Islington Viallage mural created by J. Kuna. Autorization to use image granted by the Village of Islington BIA

Information About You

The City must protect personal information that it holds about you.  Find out how to get information about yourself or get the information corrected.


The Old Gaol, 1835. Water colour by John Howard

Historical Information

Check out the City's Archives to learn about Toronto's history, see amazing photographs and more!


How We Manage Information

A key service of Corporate Information Management Services is to make information accessible and available.