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The City of Toronto aims to deliver exceptional, equitable and accessible customer service to the citizens of Toronto. Members of the Toronto Public Service work within established telephone, voice mail and e-mail standards.

Charter of Expectations promotes standards among the Toronto Public Service and informs Toronto citizens about what they can expect from public employees.

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Toronto maps

Toronto Maps

View map catalogue, obtain instructions on how to purchase, open the Toronto Maps application, and link to other services with mapping information


City Facts

Did you know that Toronto is as far south as the French Riviera or that more people live in Toronto than in Canada's four Atlantic provinces combined?

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Toronto Archives

Interested in knowing more about the history of your house, writing a school project or essay, looking for old photographs, preparing a deputation to City Council, or wish to discover more about the Toronto that was...the Archives can help you find what you need!

Toronto History

Toronto is the hub of the nation's commercial, financial, industrial, and cultural life, and is the capital of the Province of Ontario. People have lived in Toronto since shortly after the last ice age.

By-laws and Civic Engagement

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Toronto Municipal Code

By-laws are the primary legislative instrument of municipalities in Ontario, including the City of Toronto. City Council makes decisions by adopting or amending recommendations from its committees and City officials contained in reports and communications.The Toronto Municipal Code is a compilation of selected by-laws organized by subject


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The City of Toronto creates opportunities for the public to shape a vision for the future; plan changes in their neighbourhoods; provide information and insight on the issues Council is debating and; serve on the City's agencies and commissions

Community and Culture


Ensuring that the City's services, programs and policies are responsive to the needs of Toronto's diverse communities

Community Safety

Resources and information to help make Toronto communities safer.


Access and browse demographics information for the City of Toronto. Find information on population groups, housing characteristics, languages, income and more.

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City Planning

People across Toronto want a green, liveable city that fosters creativity and opportunity. City Planning works with communities to make that happen