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Members of Toronto City Council - Voting Record

This glossary of terms is listed for convenience to help users understand the terminology that has been used. For official definitions and procedure by-law information, refer to the City of Toronto Muncipal Code, Chapter 27, Council Procedures.

  • Committee – The name of the committee
  • Date/Time – The date and time (if applicable) that the vote was recorded
  • Agenda Item # – The agenda item number
  • Agenda Item Title – The agenda item title
  • Motion Type – The type of motion that the vote was recorded for
  • Vote – The member's response. Votes are recorded as "Yes", "No" or "Absent"
  • Result – The result of the vote as well as the total number of members that voted 'Yes' and 'No'
  • Vote Description - The vote type required for the motion to carry


The information generated in this report is specific to the selected Committee member for the selected term of Council. The report is generated on-request and may be modified to produce different results. Only elected officials are included in this report. The most recent data will be available within 24 hours of a meeting's Minutes being published; Result can be filtered by selected criteria.

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