Official Plan and Municipal Comprehensive Reviews

Events & Meetings

Employment Consultation (Completed)

Special Statutory Public Meeting on Proposed Official Plan Amendment for Economic and Employment Lands Policies and Employment Area Policies and Designation. November 21, 2013 (PDF)

Stage 3 Consultation Material

Stage 2 Consultation Material

Based on the feedback from the Stage 1 consultation, City staff are developing new draft Official Plan for members of the public to consider and provide their comments. The draft policies will be released and considered for specific policy areas for a focused review. The first sets of draft policies to be released relate to heritage, housing and employment lands.

Starting in September 2012, City staff are hosting a series of focused Open House meetings for members of the public to learn more about and provide comment on the draft policies. Below is additional information and materials on each focused Open House.

Upon completion of the draft policies and Stage 2 consultation, City staff will write separate reports for each area of focus. These reports will contain the recommended policies to be considered by City Council's Planning and Growth Management Committee and Council.

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  1. Heritage Open House - September 10, 2012
  2. Housing Open House - November 21, 2012
  3. Employment Lands Open Houses - February 12, 14, 19 & 27, 2013

Stage 1 Consultations Complete

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Official Plan and Municipal Comprehensive Reviews. Over the past few months Torontonians of all ages and from across the city have participated in Open Houses, completed surveys, sent comments, and shared with us their ideas on city building. This Stage 1 feedback is valuable and will be considered in developing options for Stage 2.

Public meetings as part of Stage 2 will be posted on this page. You can also sign-up for e-updates to keep informed about the Reviews.

Stage 1 Consultation Material

Six Open Houses were held across Toronto in September 2011, and a Heritage Town Hall was held on December 1st.

Heritage Town Hall

Below are the presentation and display boards from the Heritage Town Hall on December 1st.

September Open Houses

Below are the discussion guide, presentation and display boards from the September Open Houses. A summary of each open house is also posted.

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Display Boards

  1. Welcome
  2. Road Map: Review Stages 1 - 2 - 3
  3. What is an Official Plan?
  4. The Official Plan Influences City Life
  5. Why Review?
  6. Toronto Population
  7. Toronto Employment
  8. Map 2 - Urban Structure
  9. Where Growth is Occurring
  10. Employment Districts
  11. Centres and Downtown
  12. Avenues
  13. Transportation Options
  14. Neighbourhoods and Apartment Neighbourhoods
  15. Housing Options
  16. Urban Design
  17. Tall Buildings
  18. Environment
  19. Heritage & Archaeology
  20. Public Art
  21. Parks

Open House Summaries