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Guild Park & Gardens Management Plan

Trails Master Plan

As part of the implementation plan for Guild Park and Gardens Management Plan a Trails Master Plan has been launched. Two public workshops were held on October 16, 2017. The presentation (PDF) from the consultant team informed the workshops. These workshops are summarized in a What We Heard Report (PDF).

Trail Improvements: The City is installing two raised walkways to make these forest trails more accessible, especially in spring when it is wet. These walkways will encourage park users to stay on the trail, improving sustainability of this Environmentally Significant Area.

The Guild Park and Gardens is 36 hectares (88 acres) of parkland in eastern Scarborough adjacent the bluffs.  This parkland site has a rich history being the home place for the Guild of All Arts and one of the first settlers in the area. 

Guild Park and Gardens

The Guild Park and Gardens is a place with important community resources.  The Guild includes heritage and cultural assets, many hectares of the natural forest and several kilometres of trails with vistas to Lake Ontario.  The City has initiated a long term plan for the future park uses, trails, horticultural elements and preservation of the natural heritage and cultural heritage features.

The management plan is proposed to be complete in July.  The first opportunity for public input on the plan will be a participatory workshop to discuss the following four proposed themes of the management plan:

  1. Natural heritage and forest management
  2. Culture and heritage preservation
  3. Trails and circulation
  4. Horticulture and parks maintenance

Project Overview

The Guild Park and Gardens have many initiatives currently proposed by various divisions or agencies involved with managing the site.  Heritage has a heritage by-law amendment process currently underway.  Culture has a revision of the Cultural Precinct Plan for the site proposed.  A development proposal for leasing the previous site of the Guild Inn has been approved in concept by City Council.  The Scarborough Waterfront Action Plan led by the Toronto Region and Conservation Authority proposes improved access and connectivity for trails along the waterfront through this site. 

The management plan process considers the existing sensitive heritage and natural resources and integrates information from all these initiatives into a long-term comprehensive plan for the park and garden areas.

Toronto's Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division is leading the management plan initiative.  The goals of the management plan are to:

  • Inventory the existing sensitive natural resources of forest and other plant communities on the site to provide for continued protection of these resources
  • Inventory the existing cultural resources of heritage assets including public art and heritage architectural fragments throughout the site to provide for continued protection of these resources, including heritage trails and views.
  • Inventory the existing and historic horticultural elements to provide for enhanced horticulture features appropriate with the site.
  • Identify opportunities for enhancing the site connectivity, and for improving user safety with suggestions for trail planning
  • Identify opportunities for interpretation and site programming conducive with the sensitivity of the resources
  • Identify key issues for opportunities for future planning of additional parkland enhancements for the area
  • Consider opportunities for creating safe access to viewing Lake Ontario.

Get Involved

Thank you for your participation in this Management Plan process

Public engagement is an important part of this project. The Guild Park and Gardens Management Plan is intended to be a living document and to be updated over time. Please submit your comments for future revisions to:

Ruthanne Henry, OALA, ISA, Master of Spatial Analysis (MSA)
Senior Project Coordinator, Landscape Architect
Capital Projects - Parks, Forestry & Recreation
City of Toronto
North York Civic Centre
5100 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M2N 5V7

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