Commemorative Tributes

Commemorative Trees & Benches

The Commemorative Tree and Bench Program invites the public to pay tribute to a person or occasion by purchasing a park bench or tree for installation in a public park.

Commemorative Bench

Commemorative Tree and Bench Program Application Form (PDF)

Applications are due by:

  • April 1st for the Spring Program
  • September 1st for the Fall Program

Donation Options

There are three available options through this program:

  1. A commemorative tree with plaque costs $738
  2. Installation of a new bench with plaque costs $2,530
  3. An existing bench can have a plaque installed for $1,753

Note that these fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change.


A donor can request a particular park for their donation, however there are some parks that are not available for this program. The reason a park might not be available may include:

  • proposed future development within a park,
  • the location of underground utilities, and
  • other site restrictions.

Some parks are already at capacity and therefore a tree or bench may not be made available for such a park. The program coordinator can be reached at 416-395-6028 or for more information.


  1. The donor will fill an application form online, or by contacting the program coordinator at (416) 395-6028 or
  2. The Program Coordinator will follow up with the donor to confirm the donation type and location and will advise the donor when the application is approved
  3. Following approval of the application, the donation will be input into the system and the donor will be informed that their invoice is available for payment through one of the following three options:
    1. Mailing or dropping off a cheque or money order to a local Civic Centre Customer Service counter:
      • North York Civic Centre, 5100 Yonge Street, 3rd Floor, Toronto, M2N 5V7
      • Etobicoke Civic Centre, 399 The West Mall, 2nd Floor North, Toronto, M9C 2Y2
      • Scarborough Civic Centre, 150 Borough Drive, 5th Floor, Toronto, M1P 4N7
      • Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen St. W., 1st Floor East Tower, Toronto, M5H 2N2
    2. Paying by phone at 416-338-4386 with a credit card
    3. Paying online through our program registration portal - note that for payment online you will need login information, which will be provided to you once your application is approved.
  4. Once confirmation of receipt of payment is received, the installation of tree or bench will take place; the exact date cannot be specified due to weather, grower supply, parks construction priorities and special event situations.
  5. Written confirmation along with certificate, if applicable, will follow after installation is completed.

Tree Species

Download the list of Commemorative Trees (PDF).

Commemorative trees will be hardwoods (photo example), 50-millimeter caliper, and conifers (photo example), 250-centimeter height, with few exceptions.

Maintenance and Repair

Commemorative Trees will be replaced by the City, at no charge to the applicant, within five years of the original planting date or a subsequent replanting date if required. Commemorative benches and associated plaques will be maintained by the City for a maximum of 10 years and 2 years respectively, at no cost to the applicant. Bench repair/replacement after 10 years will be at the City's discretion. Plaque repair/replacement after 2 years will be charged to the applicant.

Tax Deductible

The donation is tax deductible. Due date for a tax deductible receipt for the current year is December 1st.