Tenants First Project

Tenants First Project

The Tenants First project is a multi-phase, multi-year plan that aims to guide how the City will implement changes to and better support Toronto Community Housing.

Tenants First Phase 1 Implementation Plan

The Tenants First Phase 1 Implementation Plan was considered by Executive Committee on June 19, 2017 and the 11 recommendations contained within the report were adopted unanimously by Council in July 2017.

The report lays out the first phase in a long-term plan to transform TCHC.  This report was developed with input from the Tenant Advisory Panel, a series of Tenant Information Sessions, and feedback from the non-profit sector.

Phase 1 contains a total of 11 recommendations, of which three are key recommendations:

  1. The creation of a new Seniors Housing and Services entity that is more directly accountable to City Council and is responsible for managing 83 seniors-designated buildings (approx. 14,000 units) currently within the TCHC portfolio.
  2. A process to better focus TCHC on serving the needs of families, youth, vulnerable tenants and seniors living in mixed buildings.
  3. A proposed new funding model to ensure adequate funding for both TCHC and the proposed new Seniors Housing and Services entity.



In January 2015 Mayor John Tory appointed an independent six-person Housing Task Force.  The Task Force took a hard look at how Toronto Community Housing serves the people of Toronto and how it is governed. 

The Task Force delivered an Interim Report to the Mayor in July 2015 and a Final Report in January 2016. 

To address the Task Force's report, City staff consulted with the public and reported back to Council.   "Tenants First: A Way Forward for Toronto Community Housing and Social Housing in Toronto" was considered and approved by Council in July, 2016.