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People, Dogs and Parks

A dog with a leash in its mouth

Taking your dog to a park is a wonderful way to exercise, train and socialize your dog.

The City is a leader in North America with more than 60 dogs off-leash areas (DOLAs) across the city. In addition, dogs are welcomed in all 1500+ City parks provided owners leash and control their dog(s) and stoop-and-scoop.

The City values and recognizes the social benefits of dogs and their owners having access to areas to exercise their dogs in parks, and tries to balance the needs of pet owners with other uses that occur in parks so we can all share the parks successfully.

City Council has approved two pieces of policy which help us achieve the balance we are striving for between People, Dogs and Parks:

These policies help staff provide a consistent and fair approach to the provision of off-leash areas within the City’s Parks System, while taking into consideration the interests of a variety of park users, including dog owners, and commercial dog walkers.

Dog Off Leash Areas (DOLAs)

List of Dog Off Leash Areas

Responding to increased demand for off-leash areas, the City of Toronto invested over $5 million between 2009 and 2016, improving and creating DOLAs all across the city. As of 2017, these funds have been allocated and used, with the last two projects scheduled to be completed in early 2017.

New DOLAs will be constructed through the same process as any other park asset (such as; a playground, splash pad or skating rink) through the ongoing Capital Budget process. A new DOLA may also be considered in conjunction with the redevelopment of an existing park or a new park development. Proposed locations must also meet the policy criteria.

For more information about the policy criteria, the request process, and how to form a local Dog Owners' Association in your local community, email us at