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Training for opioid users and their friends/family

Naloxone kits and Overdose Response Training (>POINT program)

Are the clients who use your services at risk of overdose?

The POINT program provides training to opioid users, their friends and family in preventing, recognizing and responding to an overdose. Program participants are trained on how to administer naloxone.  Opioid users, their friends, and family are provided with a take-home naloxone kit that contains naloxone and instructions on how to use it.


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Naloxone kits and overdose training are also available at the following Community Health Centres in Toronto: Regent Park, Sherbourne, South Riverdale and Queen West Central Toronto. Find out where naloxone is available in your community.

Training for Community Organizations

Classroom Training

In response to increasing concerns about opioid overdose in Toronto, The Works is providing free training for community agency and City of Toronto staff to assist them in responding to opioid overdose in their agency. In this training, staff will learn about the signs of opioid overdose, risk factors for opioid overdose, how to monitor spaces where overdose might occur and how to respond to an opioid overdose including how to administer naloxone.

NOTE: Naloxone kits will not be provided to participants

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To request policies and procedures for naloxone administration, contact overdose@toronto.ca

Overdose Training e-learning videos

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  Videos (TPH YouTube)

Toronto Overdose Action Plan, Overdose Risk Factors, Prevention and What you can do (7:29)

 Toronto Overdose Action Plan, Overdose Training (12:30)


After watching the above two videos please take a few minutes to complete the overdose training evaluation.  Thank you.

  Naloxone Administration (7:00)

Designing an Overdose Protocol for Your Agency (10:19)