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  • ROW_ID - Represents the Row Number
  • ESTABLISHMENT_ID – Unique identifier for an establishment
  • INSPECTION_ID - Unique identifier for each Inspection
  • ESTABLISHMENT_NAME – Business name of the establishment
  • ESTABLISHMENTTYPE – Establishment type ie restaurant, mobile cart
  • ESTABLISHMENT_ADDRESS – Municipal address of the establishment
  • ESTABLISHMENT_STATUS – Pass, Conditional Pass, Closed
  • MINIMUM_INSPECTIONS_PERYEAR – Every eating and drinking establishment in the City of Toronto receives a minimum of 1, 2, or 3 inspections each year depending on the specific type of establishment, the food preparation processes, volume and type of food served and other related criteria
  • INFRACTION_DETAILS – Description of the Infraction
  • INSPECTION_DATE – Calendar date the inspection was conducted
  • SEVERITY – Level of the infraction, i.e. S – Significant, M – Minor, C – Crucial
  • ACTION – Enforcement activity based on the infractions noted during a food safety inspection
  • COURT_OUTCOME – The registered court decision resulting from the issuance of a ticket or summons for outstanding infractions to the Health Protection and Promotion Act
  • AMOUNT_FINED – Fine determined in a court outcome

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