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24-hour cold weather drop-ins available until April 15

Extending cold weather drop-in services to April 15

The City's two 24-hour cold weather drop-in services have been available on a continuous basis for most of the winter. February 28 was the original date by which these were to have reverted to availability only during an Extreme Cold Weather Alert (ECWA), as called by the Medical Officer of Health.

In January, we extended continuous service to March 15. Given the cold weather we are experiencing, and out of an abundance of caution, we have extended continuous 24/7 cold weather drop-in service until April 15, the end of the cold weather alert season.

  • Margaret's Toronto East Drop-in Centre (323 Dundas St. East) remains open 24/7 until April 15
  • The overnight program at St. Lawrence CC is available by referral from March 18 through to April 15
  • Services at St. Felix Centre (25 Augusta Ave) are open 24/7 until March 18. After that the site returns to its regular day-time drop-in programming--unless there is an Extreme Cold Weather Alert in effect, in which case it becomes a 24/7 service starting by 3 pm on the day an alert is called and ending by noon on the day the alert is terminated

Anyone looking for a warm place to stay are welcome (both locations allow pets). Services include warm food and drinks, referrals to shelter and other services. Mats are provided for sleeping.

Note that for women only, there are two 24-hour drop-ins that operate year round; Fred Victor operates out of 67 Adelaide Street East; Sistering is at 962 Bloor Street West. Both accept pets.

Streets to Homes Assessment and Referral Centre is open 24/7 for anyone looking for street respite or a shelter referral. An additional 85 sleeping spaces continue to be available Friday, Saturday and Sundays. As well, cold weather beds are available and are put on line as needed.

Click here for more information on additional services available during Extreme Cold Weather Alerts for people experiencing homelessness.

24-Hour Drop-in Locations