Completed Studies

Front Street at Union Station

In 2012, the City completed a study recommending major changes to the road and sidewalk in front of Union Station, in order to better accommodate large volumes of pedestrians. Below is the archived information about this study.

The main road reconstruction was completed in 2015. Visit the City's Union Station web page for the latest updates.

Below is archive content from the 2010 to 2012 study.

Afternoon rush-hour at Front Street and York Street- 2010


Morning rush-hour at Front Street and Bay Street - 2010

Study Area

The primary focus of the study is the portion of Front Street from Bay Street to York Street. For the purpose of undertaking a traffic analysis a secondary study area has been created, which is bounded by Richmond Street to the north, Lake Shore Boulevard to the south, Spadina Avenue to the west, and Church Street to the east.

View Front Street Re-configuration from Bay Street to York Street Environmental Assessment - Study Area in a larger map


Public Consultation

Public Information Centre #1

The first Public Information Centre (PIC) was held on July 5, 2010 in Union Station.

Download a copy the information materials that were provided (PDF):

Public Information Centre #2

The City hosted its second and final public consultation event on November 3, 2011. The Preliminary Preferred Design for Front Street at Union Station was on display and participants were invited to review and discuss with the project team.

Download a copy of the information materials that were provided (PDF):

Q & A Document – February 2012

In response to comments submitted during the final phase of public consultation, the City has published a thorough Updated Questions and Answers document for the Changes to Front Street at Union Station study.

Notice of Completion

March 5, 2012, City Council authorized staff to issue a Notice of Completion and to file the Environmental Study Report (ESR) for the Front Street West Reconfiguration Class Environmental Assessment Study. 

Environmental Study Report (ESR)

The Environmental Study Report (ESR) documents the planning and decision making process followed in this study, including consultation practices, which has been followed to arrive at the preferred solution. The ESR also sets out the mitigating measures proposed to avoid or minimize environmental impacts.

Below are PDF copies of the complete ESR. Please note, some files are large in size (e.g. 6 MB) and may take a few minutes to download, depending on your Internet connection.

Copies of display materials and newsletter from the public events are available in the "Public Consultation" section.