Adapted/Specialized Programs

Disabled girl with inner tube swimming with adult femaleOur specialized programs are for individuals who have special needs and / or disabilities and who want to be involved in recreational activities. These programs support people who have special needs and / or disabilities to be with other people who have similar interests, abilities and needs in a safe and positive environment.

Participant Support Options

We have a limited number of staff who can provide support for people in order for them to participate in various programs. A participant may also provide their own one-on-one support person. Please contact our Adapted Programs and Integrated Services staff for further details.

Adapted/Specialized Programs by District

ExpandNorth York

Fall & Winter Programs

We have a variety of high quality recreation and leisure programs for individuals of all ages. If you have a disability/special need, and staff support is needed, please:

  • Register for the program of your choice.
  • Call 416-395-6183 or 416-395-7927 to request a support staff for the specific program.

March Break Camps

To receive staff support for a March Break program, call the Adapted & Integrated Services at 416-395-6183 beginning November 15. As our resources are limited during the week of March Break, requests will be received on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Adapted Programs

Banbury Young Adult Program

This program incorporates on-location recreational activities with exciting and interesting off-location trips. For more information, call 416-395-7966.

Earl Bales Friday Night Club (18 yrs+)

Individuals with a developmental disability socialize at the Earl Bales CC. For more information, call 416-395-7873.

Social Club at Edithvale C.C. (18 yrs+)

This recreational program is for individuals who have a developmental disability. It has been a favourite gathering time for many years. For more information, call 416-395-7828.

Adapted Recreation (13-29) (formerly Next Steps)

A program for youth and adults with disabilities. Learn new skills through recreation activities such as cooking, sports, swimming, co-operative games, arts and crafts, community trips and special guests. Participants must require minimal support with travel on the TTC. Ratio: 1staff to 5 participants. For more information call 416-395-7927

Social Clubs at Broadlands CC (13 yrs+)

This recreation/social program is for individuals who have a disability. For more information, call 416-395-7966.

ExpandToronto and East York District

Sledge Hockey: Intermediate

This program is geared for players who are advancing in the game. Instructors will assist players on improving individual skills, as well as teaching them the fundamentals and techniques in game play scenarios. Players will participate in all skill development Exhibition games with other City of Toronto sledge hockey programs.

Sledge Hockey: Advanced

This program is geared for players who are familiar with the rules, fundamentals and techniques of the game, but want to improve them. Participants will focus more on team tactics, team play and strategies of the game. During weekly practices, participants will work on developing their individual skills and utilizing them in game play scenarios and other game fundamentals.

Community Integration (3-12 yrs)

1:1 integration support staff will be available at designated recreation facilities/community centres to assist participants in one recreation program of choice per session. Call 416-397-4690 for more information and registration.

The Bulldogs Social Club (13 yrs+)

Interactive programs for youth and young adults with special needs. Games, sports, crafts and many social interactive activities led by our staff. Caregivers and parents are welcome to join in. Material fee of $20 will be charged. Dinner served from 5:45pm-6:45pm.

Learning for Life (13-29 yrs)

Learn new skills in various activities such as arts and crafts, social interaction and special outings. Call 416-397-4690 for registration information.

Making Friends (6-12 yrs)

A social program for children with various disabilities. Games, crafts and various special guests each week. Call 416-397-4690 for more information.


Adapted Aquatics-Recreational (15 yrs+)

This program is designed to encourage individuals or groups with special needs to enjoy the pool through an increased comfort level with the facilities and through the development of swimming abilities. Assistance must be provided by a caregiver for individuals requiring assistance in the change rooms and entering or exiting the water.

Arthritis Aqua Fitness (19 yrs+)

A very gentle aquatics fitness program that benefits participants that suffer with Arthritis.

Adapted Aquatics-Instructional (5 yrs+)

This program is designed to encourage individuals with special needs to enjoy the pool through the development of swimming abilities. Assistance must be provided by a caregiver for individuals requiring support in the change rooms and entering or exiting the water.

Therapy Swim (18 yrs+)

Recreational swimming for adults and older adults who are recovering from an injury or are looking to exercise on referrals from health care professionals. Swimming is independent; instructors are not present. Temperature of the pool is 89-90 degrees Fahrenheit from October to April. During the summer months (May to September) the temperature of the pool is lowered to 86-87 degrees Fahrenheit.

Community Partner Programs

AcTiVe8 (19 yrs+)

This program runs in collaboration with Community Living Toronto, WoodGreen Community Services and Pegasus Community Project, providing adults with developmental disabilities daytime recreation opportunities. Participants enjoy a range of activities which include; swimming, cooking, sports, fine arts, workshops, community outings and more. Call 416-397-4690 to register.

Barrier Free Access to Swimming Program (16 yrs+)

The program provides attendant care support in the change rooms and in water support in the pool. Change room support is provided by Tobias House Attendant Care Inc, and in water support is provided by Parks, Forestry & Recreation staff. To be eligible for the program participants must live in Toronto with a physical disability and require assistance before, during or after swimming. Call the Tobias House at 416-690-8804, ext. 303 for information.

Ontario Special Olympics – Downtown Sports Club (14 yrs+)

This program is designed to encourage individuals or groups with special needs to take part in sports activities. Sports include basketball and ball/floor hockey.

Painting & Drawing/Art Alive (19 yrs+)

An inclusive and supportive atmosphere for participants with all levels of art experience. Designed for psychiatric survivors who are comfortable with the general public. Pre-registration is required at Trinity CRC.

Pegasus Community Project (21 yrs+)

A wide range of activities for adults with developmental disabilities. Swimming and other fitness, drama, life skills, vocational experiences, exploring the city, studio work, social coaching. Emphasis on participating in everyday community life. Qualified staff and volunteers. Monthly fee applies. Please call 416-691-5651 to register.

Pop Can Club (13-40 yrs)

Community Living Toronto in partnership with Parks, Forestry & Recreation is happy to offer a social and recreational program inclusive of special needs. A variety of activities are offered such as: dancing, arts and crafts and sports. A cost of $2 per night applies to cover a drink, snack and crafts.


Adapted Programs

Adapted recreation programs promote both social and skill development. Qualified staff give encouragement and support to meet the individual needs of the participants. Call 416-394-8533 to have the registration forms sent to you.

Crafty Kids (6-12 yrs)

This program will take children into the realm of abstract art, where no linear rules or colour coordination pose as barriers to expression! Experience various artistic mediums including: paint, clay, food, textile, water, etc. Family support staff will be welcomed with no additional charge.

Fitness - Child (6-12 yrs)

Children who have decreased muscle tone, attention challenges, hyperactivity etc. will all benefit from this physical program. Body movement to the sounds of catchy tunes will invigorate muscles and get the heart pumping. Family support staff will be welcomed with no charge.

Friday Nighters (13-21 yrs)

Our aim is to provide young people with a disability an enjoyable recreation experience while at the same time enhancing social skills. Activities are created and planned by club members and may include bowling, movies, restaurant nights, sports programs, crafts and seasonal special events. The club generally meets every other Friday. An additional fee of $21 will be collected at registration to assist in covering refreshment costs.

Learning for Life (13-30 yrs)

Learn new skills in a social and recreational environment through sports, cooking and arts and crafts. Participants may be required to provide their own 1-2-1 support. Please call 416-394-8533 for further information.

Kingsway Club (21 yrs+)

This recreation and social club is for adults who have a developmental/intellectual disability. Activities are planned by the members and may include sports, drama, bingo, musical events, cooking, movies, dancing, dining out and seasonal special events. The club generally meets every other Monday. SPACE IS VERY LIMITED SO REGISTER EARLY! (An additional fee for refreshments is included in the course fee.)

Adapted Aquatic Programs

Adapted Swim

This recreational swimming program offers water activity, instruction and free time for fun and socializing. Experienced aquatic staff will help the beginner swimmer overcome their fears and the more experienced swimmer improve their aquatic skills, with the objective of increasing independence, self-esteem and self-reliance. The benefits of water activity are many, including free movement, increased flexibility and greater stamina. If you require assistance in the change room, with toileting or showering, or are unable to independantly bear weight, we will ask you to bring a support person to the program each week. This can be a family friend or professional worker supplied by an agency.

Laugh, Splash & Learn

We invite families with special needs members (any age or ability) to enjoy an adapted swim program as a family unit.

Swim & Social (18 yrs+)

For adults who have a physical limitation, disabling illness or chronic health condition, this program is most beneficial. The first hour is spent in the pool. The second hour is spent in the lounge socializing and sharing refreshments.

Swim & Trim (18 yrs+)

A popular swim program for adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities includes exercises, instruction, fun and games.

Community Sponsored Youth Programs

All participants must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or personal attendant.

Aqua Sports (13-31 yrs)

Aqua Sports offers a large variety of aquatic sport activities and games. It helps participants improve their aquatic safety skills and knowledge. Each week focuses on a different water sport or game including: water relays, aqua aerobics, water basketball, water polo, water tag, scuba and snorkeling. Participant must be comfortable in the water. Support workers are not available, but are welcome to attend for free. For more information call 416-394-8719.

Drumming - Hand

Drumming is a great activity for all ages and abilities, it builds self-confidence and reduces stress. Support workers are not available, but are welcome to attend for free. For more information call 416-395-6102.

Sports Fun T.O.

Sports Fun T.O. allows participants to learn basic sport skills at their own pace in a fun and stimulating environment. Sports Fun T.O. helps to build speed, endurance and strength while improving coordination and self-esteem. Support workers are not available, but are welcome to attend for free. For more information call 416-394-8701.


Barrier Free Access to Swim

Adults and youth with physical disabilities can enjoy swimming independently in public lane swim. We work in partnership with agencies that service adults with physical disabilities to provide change room attendant support, and support during public lane swim. For more information including how to register please call Adapted & Integrated Services at 416-396-7760.

‘C’ is 4 Cooking (6-12 yrs)

Children will learn the basics of cooking and healthy food choices with the main ingredient being a spoonful of fun.

Chef’s Delight (18-29 yrs)

This course teaches healthy eating choices on a budget.Participants select a menu, shop, handle money, use T.T.C. and prepare meals.

Crest Club

Swimming program for youth and adults with developmental disabilities. Call 416-396-4014 (after 6pm) for more info.

Enterprising Adults (16-29 yrs)

This program offers physical fitness, library education, community trips, cooking, community and personal safety. Join in the fun and get in shape.

Exploring the Senses (6-12 yrs)

This program offers a combination of art, dance movement, drama and music therapy. This is accomplished through various methods including storytelling myth and ritual, role playing, movement, sensory experience, music, puppets and more.

Jr. Chefs in Training (13-18 yrs)

Put on those oven mitts. This is an introductory cooking class for youth with intellectual disabilities. Program focus is healthy foods and easy cooking.

Jumping Jacks

Bend, twist, jump and dance your way into physical fitness through a variety of fun filled exercises.

Learning for Life

A specialized program designed to facilitate independant living skills among youth with disabilities. Activities include cooking, TTC training, community volunteering, self care, and safety, etc.