Every licensed child care program in the City of Toronto has an assigned Special Needs Resource person. These professionals provide the consistent support needed so that every child can take part in the child care program of his or her family’s choice.

These supports include:

❁ Regular visits to programs
❁ Early identification and intervention
❁ Individual consultation
❁ Program consultation
❁ Program adaptations
❁ Staff, provider and parent training
❁ Environmental assessments
❁ Service coordination and referral

What's New

Support for Every Child

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Every Child Belongs

Children's Services in partnership with community agencies provides enhanced services to child care programs so that every child who needs extra support can actively participate in the program.

Working Together

Information for Families

Information about a single point of access through City Kids, Specialized Nursery School and Fee Subsidy.

Special Needs Resources for Operators

Information regarding services a Special Needs Resource staff can provide. A link to City Wide Training calendar, guidelines, forms and special needs criteria.

Community Partners

List of agencies who coordinate and provide access to specialized services to meet the needs of children and their providers.


Newsletters on topics related to children with extra support needs.