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Explore Toronto from the ground up

With thousands of plants, flowers, shrubs and decorative trees, Toronto's gardens and conservatories are great places for exploration and inspiration. They enhance the city's beauty, benefit the environment, improve our quality of life, attract visitors and reflect the rich history of the city.

Over the years, horticulture–the art or practice of growing and cultivating plants–has evolved beyond aesthetics to also focus on environmental sustainability and functionality. Today, the City focuses on approaches to gardening that reflect the changing needs of our environment. Examples include drought-resistant landscaping, organic horticulture, creating food sources for pollinators, and cultivating healthier and more resilient plants through landscape design, site and plant selection and planting methods.

Gardening is good for the mind, body and spirit. For people interested in hands on gardening, the City's community gardens, allotment gardens and children's gardening and eco programs are popular ways to get growing.


Toronto Gardens

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Featured Gardens

Gardens make a city beautiful. Park gardens offer blooming flowerbeds, flowering trees, rich autumn leaves, native species, historical sites, beautiful landscapes and much more. Filled with colour, texture, and fragrance, they are a feast for the senses for people of all ages


Plant of the Month

Toronto's gardens showcase a wide range of plants seasonally. This series highlights one plant each month providing insight into what makes it unique and what conditions it requires to grow. Many of the plants featured are great additions to both home and pollinator gardens.

Children Gardening

Children's Gardening and Eco Programs

Children love to garden! Believe it or not, Toronto has a growing population of budding organic gardeners who are learning to plant, water, weed and harvest the fruits of their carefully cultivated vegetable plants.

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Garden Story Map

Now you can explore Toronto gardens with our new interactive Garden Story Map, which features beautiful photos and descriptions of the City's prized gardens. Find one near you!