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People across Toronto want a green, liveable city that fosters creativity and opportunity. City Planning works with communities to make that happen. Read more about City Planning's role in helping to shape the look and feel of our city, along with current projects, policies, key links and tools to help you. The Strategic Plan is our playbook for moving the Division forward.

City Planning Topics

Featured Projects

Toronto Planning Review Panel

Helping us to ensure Toronto's diverse voices are heard in our planning processes, this new Panel will consist of 28 Torontonians selected through a process called a Civic Lottery.


Creating up-to-date policy directions and identifying needed capital upgrades to support the vitality and quality of life in one of Toronto's most dynamic neighbourhoods.

TOcore: Planning Toronto's Downtown

A look at how Toronto's Downtown should grow, ensuring that it has the necessary infrastructure to remain a great place to live, work, learn and play.