Cycle Tracks

Richmond-Adelaide Cycle Track Study, Including Peter & Simcoe Streets

July 28, 2017 Update:
New cycling lay-by to be constructed at Bathurst and Adelaide this August-September 2017. See imagery and learn more...

In 2014 the City installed cycle tracks (separated bike lanes) on both Richmond Street and Adelaide Street west of University Avenue and on Simcoe Street. These are a "pilot project" for demonstration, testing and evaluation, before a decision is made on whether they should be made permanent (with possible upgrades).

In July 2015 Transportation Services received approval from City Council to extend the Richmond and Adelaide pilot cycle tracks eastward to Parliament Street. 
Read about the East Extension

Evaluation Reports Published (2015)
How many cyclists are using the new cycle tracks? What affect has there been on traffic? What do residents and business think? Find answers to these and more in the 2015 evaluation reports


What do you think about the new cycle tracks?

We want to know how these new cycle tracks have affected you...

Adelaide Street cycloe track with public feedback request sign

  • As a cyclist, have these cycle tracks changed your ride?
  • As a driver, what have you noticed and experienced when driving on these modified streets?
  • As a pedestrian, what difference do you notice on these streets when you walk?
  • As a local business, how have the changes affected your access, deliveries and other activities?
  • As a taxi or delivery truck driver, how have cycle tracks changed the way carry out your services?
  • As a tourism or film industry professional, what benefits and challenges do you see?
  • As a developer, how do you think these cycle tracks will affect the area?

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Following a November 2011 Council Decision, the City of Toronto is studying the potential for physically separated bicycle lanes (known as "cycle tracks") between Bathurst Street to Sherbourne Street using Richmond, Adelaide and or Wellington Street.

A north-south cycling connection between the existing Beverly Street bicycle lanes and the waterfront, using Peter and/or Simcoe Street, is also being studied.

After over a year of technical study and public and stakeholder consultation, in 2014 the City installed segments of the cycle tracks and related bikeways connections as a Pilot Project Phase 1

In 2015 Transportation Services is received approval to extend the Richmond and Adelaide cycle tracks eastward to Parliament Street as a Pilot Project Phase 2. The experience and results of evaluating the pilot project will inform the final recommendations of the study, to be completed in 2016.




News and Updates

Below are some of the key public information materials produced for this cycle track study:


For all published information materials and details on public input received to date, see Public Consultation History.

What do you think about the new pilot project cycle tracks?

We Would Like To Hear From You

Public consultation is an important part of this study. You are invited to learn more and to share your insights and opinions at any time. For more information, please contact:

Jason Diceman, Senior Public Consultation Coordinator
Tel: 416-338-1066 (voicemail)    Fax: 416-392-2974


What We Have Heard So Far


For all published information materials and details on public input received to date, see Public Consultation History.

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November 2013 Public Consultation Summary

Summary of the stakeholder feedback received for the Richmond-Adelaide Cycle Track Study, Including Peter and Simcoe Streets, during the November 2013 public consultation activities.

Environmental Assessment

This study is following a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) Schedule ‘C’ process, which includes identifying the problem/opportunity, developing and evaluating a reasonable range of alternative solutions, and providing opportunities for public input.

All submissions will be documented, reviewed by the project team and included in the project record. We regret that we can not directly respond to every message received. A summary of comments will be published on this web page following each stage of public consultation.

See Public Consultation History