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Indoor Ice Rinks

This dataset includes data on arenas, community centres, and recreation centres with indoor ice pads operated by the City of Toronto PF&R Division.
There are about 60 City of Toronto indoor ice rink locations. An ice rink location may include 1 to 4 ice pads.
Most of arenas, community centres, and recreation centres with indoor ice pads are located in parks as indicated in "Park Name" field. Additionally, the dataset provides details on ice pad size, type according to Hockey Canada Line Markings diagrams approved by Hockey Canada, and location information.

Thus, indoor ice rinks information you'll find in this dataset is the following:
•    Indoor Ice Pad Asset ID    
•    Asset Name    
•    Parent Asset Name    
•    Park Name    
•    Public Name
•    Pad Size: Length and Width
•    Indoor Ice Pad Field Type
•    District    
•    Ward    
•    Address
•    X, Y Coordinate

The source of the data is the City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation Asset Management System. Dataset has gone through necessary inter-divisional validation and on-site validation with supervisors.


The dataset contains information about indoor ice rinks operated by Parks, Forestry, and Recreation Division of the City of Toronto. All other indoor ice rinks (either public, or private) are out of scope of this dataset.

Valid date range of the data is 2016. The data has gone through necessary business validation. Some values may be missing from the dataset. These will be added as data is captured and recorded by PFR. Official refresh of the data is planned annually in Fall - early Winter.

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