Ice Cream Trucks and Ice Cream Vending Permits

Ice cream trucks can operate across the City of Toronto on public roads and private property.

All ice cream truck operators are required to obtain a business licence. To operate on public roads, vendors now require an Ice Cream Vending Permit. Vendors on private property do not require a permit, but require the permission of the property owner and must operate in accordance with the zoning bylaw. 

Common Questions

Questions Answers 
Where can I operate?

On local and residential streets in all parts of the City for up to 30 minutes at a time. 

Operate up to 30 minutes on one street. 

Operate at least 30 metres from a school. 

What do I need to do to be able to operate? 

Obtain a Motorized Refreshment Vehicle Owner Licence.

Obtain an Ice Cream Vending Permit.

Optional: Obtain a Mobile Food Vending Permit to operate on the city streets.

Ice cream vendors may now apply for a Mobile Food Vending Permit to operate like a food truck, if they wish.  

What you need to apply 

Who can apply Individuals, partnerships or corporations.
How to apply

Applicants can apply in person at the Licence & Permit Issuing Office at East York Civic Centre, 850 Coxwell, 3rd floor.

Partnerships and corporations (not applicable to individuals)

Applicants must provide a business address, as well as other documents depending on the business.  Documents may include articles of incorporation, corporate profiles, franchise agreements, partnership agreements and provincial name registration.

Learn more here.

Application fee

$1153.83 for a Motorized Refreshment Vehicle Licence plus one of the additional fees:

  • Six-month permit: $276.15
  • Nine-month permit: $414.24
  • One-year permit: $552.32


View all Business, Trades and Professions Licence and Permit Fees.


Two pieces of government-issued identification, including:

  1. proof of work status, such as a Canadian Passport or Citizenship Card, Permanent Resident Card, Work Permit, Canadian Birth Certificate; and
  2. a valid photo ID such as a Driver's Licence, Photo Identification Card, Canadian Passport.

Note that Health Cards are not accepted.

Criminal reference checks  Applicants must provide a criminal reference check issued by a Canadian Police Service within 280 days prior to the application.  Learn more here.

Proof of at least $1,000,000 of comprehensive insurance against loss or damage resulting from bodily injury to or death of one or more persons, or from loss of or damage to property resulting from any one accident.

We are only able to accept

  • Orginal completed forms that are signed and stamped by the insurer; or
  • Faxes and emails (of completed forms that are signed and stamped by the insurer) directly from the insurer.

Our fax number is (416) 392 4515 and email address is mlsbusinesslicence@toronto.ca

Public Health Inspection Proof of a Health Inspection from Toronto Public Health.  You can arrange this by calling 311 Toronto or the Health Connection Line at 416-338-7600.

Visit www.toronto.ca/health/dinesafe for more information.

Location drawings Find a location to operate and produce drawings that demonstrate the location meets the bylaw requirements.
Food handler's certificate Food Handler Certification for owner and any staff.
Photo and sketch of vehicle A photo of the vehicle should be brought in, along with a sketch indicating its dimensions.
Photo of the owner A photo of the owner will be taken at the Licence & Permit Issuing Office.
Product list A list of products sold.
Propane tank Field Approval and contractor inspection

Applicants must obtain:

1. A Field Approval for equipment from the Technical Standards and Safety Association (TSSA).

2. A inspection by a TSSA-certified technician.  Some certified technicians are listed on the TSSA site, while others can be found through the Yellow Pages, Internet or other directories or advertising.

Vehicle cart storage location

Information about where the cart will be stored when it is not being operated.

Vehicle ownership

An original copy of the provincial vehicle registration, where the name and address match the applicants.

Safety inspection

An original valid Safety Standards Certificate by an approved Ministry of Transportation Vehicle Inspection Centre


What happens after you apply

After a completed application is submitted ML&S staff will obtain a copy of the applicant's Driving Record Abstract to ensure the applicant does not have any infractions that would prevent them from obtaining a licence, as per Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 545, Licensing, Appendix K, Business Licensing Thresholds.

* If the licence or permit is granted, licensees and/or permit holders will be required to pay an annual renewal fee, listed in the Fees table. 

For complete application and operating requirements, visit Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 545, Licensing.

Applicants must also satisfy the Business Licensing Thresholds in Appendix K.

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