Shelter, Support and Housing Administration

Customer Service

Customer complaints and feedback

Complaints are a key source of feedback and we use them to improve our services. Of course, you are also welcome to give us general feedback, or let us know if we have done a good job.

How to make a complaint:

Step 1) Speak to the service provider directly
We recommend you first try to sort things out with the people you have a complaint against. For example, if you have an issue regarding the service you received at a shelter, you should contact the shelter as your first step. Most complaints can be resolved this way.

Step 2) If you are not satisfied with how your complaint is handled you are welcome to contact us for further assistance
We make every effort to respond as quickly as possible. Telephone calls will be returned within one business day. E-mails will be acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt. Calls received on weekends or after business hours will be returned the following business day. Download a complaint form you can fill out to submit a complaint to our division.

Contact information for each SSHA unit:

  • Homelessness Initiatives & Prevention Services
    Phone: 416-392-8741
    Provides emergency shelter and assistance to homeless individuals and families with children. Meals and basic necessities are provided in a secure environment, as well as case management counselling and support programs for adults and children. The unit is also responsible for the funding and administering the shelter system in the City of Toronto.

  • Streets to Homes
    Phone: 416-392-9093
    For Street Outreach, panhandling, housing supports, housing assistance and counselling, and the Assessment and Referral Centre.

  • Housing Stability Services
    Phone: 416-392-4126
    Responsible for funding and program administration of non-profit and affordable housing, including Toronto Community Housing, along with all other housing benefits; planning and administration of the centralized waiting list; management of contract and agreement with community partners delivering homelessness services on behalf of the City, including shelters, drop-ins, eviction prevention services and supports to daily living.         

  • Service System Planning and Integrity Unit
    Phone: 416-392-7198
    Responsible for the development and implementation of the divisional service plan while also providing funding and supports to community agencies that work with individuals and families who are homeless or marginally housed, landlords and tenants, and direct services to help people living on the streets to find and keep housing.

    If you are not sure where to submit your complaint, you can use one of our general enquiry channels:

    Send your complaint by mail:
    Shelter, Support and Housing Administration
    Metro Hall
    55 John St., 6th Floor
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5V 3C6

    Send your complaint by e-mail:
    Shelter, Support and Housing Administration general email address:

    Send your complaint by fax:
    Shelter, Support and Housing Administration general fax: 416-338-1144

For general assistance on where to direct your complaint:

If you still aren't sure how to find the relevant service area, call the Shelter, Support and Housing Administration general enquiry line at 416-397-4182, TTY: 416-398-0889 (311 general enquiry).

We expect everyone to make their complaints in a respectful manner. In line with City of Toronto policy, abuse, threats, racist statements, etc. will not be tolerated.

How we handle complaints

  • Requests are followed up on and resolved within 30 days.

  • Investigations are fair, impartial and respectful.

  • We will give clear reasons for how decisions were made.

  • Investigations often take a number of days. We will update you during investigations as appropriate and let you know if the investigation takes longer than expected.

  • We will advise you of your option to appeal a decision if you are dissatisfied with your treatment or outcome.


A note about privacy
SSHA management staff reviews all complaints. The information is treated as confidential to protect your privacy. However, you should be aware that in investigating a complaint, the circumstances may indirectly identify you (even if submitted anonymously). You can submit an anonymous complaint if you do not wish to be contacted. Anonymous complaints are still reviewed and corrective measures taken as necessary.