Strategy Action Plan

The following sections summarize the key recommendations, actions and accountability framework proposed under this Strategy.

For each of the eight themes of age-friendliness, key examples of current City initiatives to create an age-friendly Toronto provide context for the recommendations that follow.

The Strategy identifies important issues that were identified in the City's research and consultations. Each issue is addressed by a broad recommendation which draws on the Strategy's service planning principles. Under each recommendation, specific actions are identified as steps the City of Toronto's Agencies, Boards, Corporations and Divisions (ABCDs) can take to fulfill each recommendation.

To ensure accountability, each action is intended to be measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. In this way the actions can be evaluated on a regular basis. The specific actions provided by the ABCDs are also grouped into one of three implementation categories for planning purposes. 

These categories are listed below:
Implementation Categories: Timeframe Cost Implications Short-Term, Medium-Term, Long-Term Actions that can begin implementation immediately. No net costs to City. Funding approved in the 2013 City Budget.

Actions that can begin implementation within two or three years. Costing to be referred back to ABCDs for consideration in the 2014 City budget process.
Actions that can begin in 2015 and beyond. Costing to be referred back to ABCDs for consideration in 2015 and beyond.

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