Permits & Rentals

Allotment Gardens

The City of Toronto offers 11 Outdoor Allotment Gardens across Toronto to permit seasonally and also one indoor location. To request a garden plot, or get further information on rates and availability, call (416) 392-8188 or visit your local permit office

Note: If you would like to be placed on an outdoor allotment wait list please call 416-392-8188 the first working day in February.

Apply for a Permit:

Note: There may be a waitlist at certain locations. New permits will be issued the first working day in May. For Indoor Garden Allotments, the waitlist starts the first working day in August, and new permits are issued on the first working day in October.

Allotment Garden Locations
Bishop Avenue 190 Bishop Ave. (Finch & Bayview)
Cornell Campbell House 3620 Kingston Rd. (Kingston Rd. & Brinloor Blvd.)
Daventry 19 Daventry Rd. (Markham & Ellesmere)
Four Winds 20 Four Winds Dr. (Keele & Finch)
Givendale 950 Kennedy Rd. (Kennedy Rd. & Ranstone Gardens)
High Park 1873 Bloor St. (Bloor St. & Keele)
Jonesville 50 Jonesville Cres. (Victoria Pk & Eglinton)
Leslie Street 5 Leslie St. (Leslie & Commissioners)
Marie Baldwin Park 746 Jane St. (Jane St. & Scarlet, South of Foxwell)
Silverthorne Allotments 458 Old Weston Rd. (St. Clair & Old Weston Rd.)
Stoffel Drive 20 Stoffel Drive (Martin Grove Rd & Dixon Rd.)
West Deane 410 Martin Grove Rd. (Martin Grove & Rathburn)
Riverlea Greenhouse (Indoor) 919 Scarlett Rd. (Scarlet Rd. and Lawrence)