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City of Toronto Donations Policy

The guidelines that ensure donations occur at arm’s length from any City decision-making process; provide criteria and process for the acceptance of donations, and confer upon Division Heads the delegated authority to accept and spend donations, within the parameters contained in the Policy.

City of Toronto Sponsorship Policy (PDF)

This policy is to establish a City-wide sponsorship protocol that aligns with the City’s programs and services; provides guidelines which facilitate and support opportunities for sponsorship; and creates a systematic approach to soliciting, managing and reporting on sponsorships.

City of Toronto Naming Rights Policy (PDF)

A corporate and individual naming rights protocol that creates a systematic approach to soliciting, managing and reporting on naming rights; provides guidance to those that have an interest in the naming of civic properties; protects the reputation, integrity and aesthetic standards of the City of Toronto and its assets; ensures alignment with the City’s programs and services; and advances Council priorities and enhances public services.


Complete Fundraising Guide

The Step-by-Step Fundraising Guide is a toolkit to working with the City to improve parks and recreation facilities. The Guide reflects, and is in aid of, the growing interest from neighbours to band together to advocate and actively fundraise for local parks, forest and recreation program enhancements.


Project Application Form (PDF)

To get your project started complete the application form. For help completing the form, contact the Partnership Development Unit or call 416-392-1018.

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