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Port Union Road

The City of Toronto will be widening Port Union Road from Lawrence Avenue East to Island Road. Works will include:

  • Addition of a second northbound lane
  • Complete sidewalks on both sides
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Landscaped median between Lawrence Ave. E. and Clappison Blvd.
  • Centre-turn lanes in some locations

When completed this project will address traffic congestion and improve conditions for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

News and Updates

April 2017

The City is beginning field investigations required for the detailed design and construction work. For this pre-engineering phase of the project, a survey crew will be completing a topographic survey of the right-of-way and a geotechnical crew will be obtaining soil samples in various locations along Port Union Road to confirm the conditions below ground. The information obtained from these activities will be used for the engineering design. Construction is expected to commence in 2018.

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Port Union Road

The Environmental Assessment (EA) for this project was planned and approved in 2004.  A subsequent EA Addendum (update) was completed and approved in 2015 and made changes to the original study design in order to reduce property and community impacts.

Environmental Assessment Addendum (2015)

The Addendum (update) to the 2004 ESR was approved by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) in August 2015.

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In consultation with the community as directed by City Council in 2004, the preferred design has been modified in order to reduce property and other impacts to the community, and to meet current City standards and practices. The updated preferred design provides the same level of service as the original design, but includes the following changes:

  • Length of landscaped median reduced (now between Lawrence Ave. E. and Clappison Blvd. only)
  • Section of centre left-turn lane removed south of Josaly Dr.
  • Private property no longer required
  • Bike lanes widened from 1.5 metres to 1.8 metres

View the Environmental Assessment Addendum Report online or download the PDF.
To request assistance reading this file, please contact Maogosha Pyjor at 416-338-2850 or

Original Environmental Study Report (2004)

This Environmental Assessment Study was completed in early 2004 and identified a preferred design which included:

  • an additional northbound lane on Port Union Road from Lawrence Avenue East to Island Road
  • a continuous centre left-turn lane on Port Union Road from Winter Gardens Trail to Island Road
  • a landscaped centre median on Port Union Road from Lawrence Avenue East to Winter Gardens Trail
  • bicycle lanes on both sides of the road from Lawrence Avenue East to Island Road
  • additional turn lanes at the intersection of Kingston Road and Port Union Road
  • complete sidewalks on both sides of Port Union Road

The Study Report is available for download:

Note: the appendices for this report have not been posted due to the large file size.  Please contact us to view a complete copy of the report.