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Statement on the review and Uber

At its September 30, 2015 meeting, City Council made changes to the regulations governing Toronto's ground transportation industry, specifically taxicabs and limousines. These changes included updating the definition of a taxicab brokerage in the bylaw to reflect new dispatch technologies used by companies such as Uber.

City Council also requested that Uber cease operating. Municipal Licensing & Standards staff notified Uber in October of the bylaw changes and indicated that the company would be subject to enforcement actions if they did not comply.

Until Council changes the regulations permitting vehicles other than licensed taxicabs and limousines, UberX is not in compliance with City bylaws. Uber X is not permitted to operate in Toronto.

Municipal Licensing & Standards will continue its enforcement in respect to the operations of Uber and its UberX service.

Individuals thinking about driving for Uber under their UberX service should notify their insurance companies.

Passengers who are using the service should educate themselves with respect to any risk, including their rights in the event of an accident.