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Kingston Road Revitalization Study


The City has completed a Revitalization Study for Kingston Road within the Birchcliff Community. Kingston Road serves an important role as one of Toronto's main streets. Through the Birchcliff Community, it extends approximately three kilometers from Victoria Park Avenue to east of Birchmount Road. The study develops a revitalization strategy that promotes reurbanization and reinvestment along Kingston Road in the context of the policies and directions of the new Official Plan and that builds upon and supports local community improvement initiatives.


What's New

The Kingston Road Revitalization Study has been completed. The Phase Three implementation report was adopted by Council at its regular meeting on January 26 and 27. The report is available online. A link to the report and a brief description follows below.

Phase 3 Report: Implementation

This report describes the proposed Official Plan Amendment, Draft Zoning and policies that are to be implemented as part of the Kingston Road Revitalization Study. It also includes the proposed Streetscape plan for the reconstruction of Kingston Road between Victoria Park and Birchmount scheduled to begin in 2013.

Going forward
With the broad policies and by-laws in place there are still a couple of items remaining in the study. The first is to complete the detailed design for the Reconstruction of Kingston Road. Although largely complete the draft streetscape plan needs to be further refined and the detailed construction drawings must still be completed. The second is the Economic Development initiatives proposed by the report. One of the recommendations of the report was that a working group, chaired by the local Councillor, be formed to look into possible Economic Development Strategies for the area that would both, help support the viable existing enterprises, and help foster new ones. This working group is currently in the early stages of being formed and local partners are encouraged to come forward if they wish to participate.

Decision History

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for the Kingston Road Revitalization study were approved by Council in October, 2005. The Terms of Reference outline the study process, study purpose and objectives, phasing and the details of each phase.

Phase 1 Report: Study Area Profile

Phase 1 Report for the Kingston Road Revitalization study was approved by Council in March, 2007. The study area profile includes the review and analysis of existing conditions on Kingston Road and in the larger study area, the existing land uses, housing, population, environment, economic conditions, roads and transit, and community services and facilities.

You can download the document in full, or in chapters below:

Phase 2 Report and Design Charrette

Phase 3 Report: Implementation

Adopted by Council at its regular meeting on January 26 and 27:


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