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Zoning Information

Building permit applications are currently being reviewed for compliance with both the new zoning bylaw and bylaws of the former municipalities. 

  • Zoning information for the harmonized zoning bylaw can be found online or at a Toronto Building customer service counter.
  • Zoning information for the bylaws of the former municipalities can be found at Toronto Building customer service counter.

New Zoning Bylaw

Information on the new harmonized city-wide zoning bylaw is available on the City's website at:

Former Bylaws

Online Residential Zoning Information 

Residential zoning information include information such as yard setbacks, gross floor area, and height for the former zoning bylaws, which may be in force in some areas of the city are available in the following residential zoning information sheets: 

Hardcopy of Former City of Scarborough Zoning Bylaw

The former City of Scarborough zoning bylaws and maps are available from the Scarborough District Toronto Building Customer Service Counter.
Community Text + map (Residential) = $11.30
Employment Law text (Commercial) = $31.53
Employment bylaw text + 1 map (Commercial) = $34.68
Employment bylaw text + all maps (20) (Commercial) = $96.47
Employment bylaw map (1) (Commercial) = $3.15
Employment bylaw only maps (all) (20) (Commercial) = $63.05

Hardcopy of Former City of North York Zoning Bylaw

Only the complete bylaw consolidation may be purchased. Zoning Maps are available separately at North York Toronto Building Customer Service Counter, pick-up service only. Fee: $84.00 (plus tax), Zoning maps: $5.00 (+HST).

Hardcopy of Former City of Etobicoke Zoning Bylaw

Complete Zoning Bylaw and maps are only available only on the City of Toronto website at:

Free Standing Site Specific Zoning Bylaws

1998 to Present - available electronically from City's website at - and current year only available in hardcopy from the City Clerk in Etobicoke Civic Centre

pre 1998 - contact the City Archives

Hardcopy of Other Former Municipalities Zoning Bylaws

Zoning bylaw books - former Toronto and York

Zoning bylaw book - former East York