Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020

Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy Action Plan

The Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2O2O (TSNS 2O2O) is the City of Toronto’s action plan for ensuring that each of our 14O neighbourhoods can succeed and thrive.

This document explains TSNS 2O2O principles and priorities, how the Strategy was designed, and why resident engagement and community development is at the core of TSNS 2O2O.

This document also explains the Local Neighbourhood Plan process and includes an Actions Catalogue to help communities plan for change.

The Actions Catalogue was developed by residents, City Councillors, community agencies, funders and multiple service divisions across the City of Toronto during community conferences and consultations in spring 2O15.

The Actions Catalogue is a resource for residents, City Councillors, community partners and City staff. It will be updated regularly over the lifespan of TSNS 2O2O.

Program Design Background

City staff worked with residents, community groups, funders and other key stakeholders to help define the actions that hold the greatest promise for strengthening all 31 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIAs). The input we received was used to create a detailed action plan that the City is committed to undertaking for all NIAs. This action plan is currently being utilized locally as the basis for collaboratively developing or enhancing existing local plans/activities with individual NIAs.

On April 25, 2015 neighbourhood representatives from Toronto's 31 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, City of Toronto staff and funders came together at City Hall for the first of three conferences on the Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy.Thank you to everyone for participating!

City staff processed the neighbourhood priorities that participants have identified and utilized this information to inform the Action Plan.

Click here to download the raw data (Microsoft Excel Format, 94kb)