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The Trap, Neuter, Return Program for Feral Cats

Learn about feral cats, the Trap, Neuter, Return Program, the Feral Cat Coalition, and other useful resources.


ExpandThe Trap, Neuter, Return Program and the Feral Cat Coalition

At the  Spay-Neuter Clinics at our East and North animal shelters, we sterilize and ear tip feral cats from managed colonies. Cats are returned to their original colony locations by their caretakers after recovering from surgery. Since 2010, we have sterilized more than 4,000 feral cats from established colonies in Toronto. For more information call 416-338-6281

The Toronto Feral Cat Coalition

Toronto Animal Services is a member of the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition, the coalition is a group of seven organizations with a mandate to:
  • Help reduce feral cat over-population in Toronto via TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) and accessible spay/neuter clinics in a co-ordinated manner.
  • Educate and build awareness among cat owners and caregivers about the many resources available for TNR and colony management in Toronto.
  • Advocate with politicians and support the ongoing welfare of Toronto's colonies.

The goal of feral cat sterilization is to:

  • Improve the quality of life for feral cats in colonies
  • Reduce the number of feral cats euthanized in our animal centres
  • Eventually reduce or eliminate feral cat colonies through attrition

This sterilization clinic is only for cats in colonies that are being managed by colony caretakers.  Sterilized cats are ear tipped as part of their surgery and are returned to their colonies after surgery.  Veterinarians may decline to perform surgery if cats are not feral and are easily handled or if a cat is in poor health.  Priority will be given to accepting cats from specific colonies where the majority of cats from that colony can be trapped at the same time and can be brought to the clinic over three or less days.     

Prior to using our clinic, your colony must be registered with Toronto Animal Services and you must complete a half day Trap, Neuter & Return workshop offered by Community Cats Toronto.

Once these requirements are met, we may contact you to arrange a colony site visit. Surgery dates can be booked after the colony visit.  Feral cat traps and trap dividers may be borrowed from the Toronto Feral Cat Recovery Centre.

Who's involved in the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition

Toronto Animal Services

  • Offer spay/neuter clinic for feral cats
  • Share available education materials on feral cats and TNR approach

Toronto Humane Society

11 River Street, 416-392-2273, 

  • Offer spay/neuter clinic for feral cats, rescue groups, and publicly-owned animals 
  • Rent traps to rescue groups
  • Food donations during Toronto Street Cat shelter builds

  • All services also require the colony caretakers to be certified

Feral Cat Recovery Centre

705 Progress Avenue 

  • Lend out traps
  • Provide feral cat shelters for $15.00
  • Provide space for feral cats to recover from surgery

Ontario SPCA

York Region OSPCA at 16586 Woodbine Avenue, Newmarket, 905-898-7122

  • Provide the public with information on available resources for feral cats
  • Disseminate best practices to public/media

Animal Alliance of Canada

101-221 Broadview Ave, 416-462-9541

  • Political advocacy around a broad range of animal service issues
  • Networking
  • Provide education resources, and direct the public to appropriate TNR resources

Community Cats Toronto

  • Offer TNR Colony Management Workshop for colony caretakers
  • Share extensive website with information/resources on feral cats
  • Survey of cat colonies in Toronto (colony, registration database)
  • Manage Yahoo Group for colony caretakers

Toronto Cat Rescue

Phone: 416-538-8592

  • Provide public education (Help Line, Blog)
  • Provide support to caretakers through training and advice

Annex Cat Rescue

Phone: 416-410-3835

  • Manage teams of feral cat feeders in well managed feral colonies
  • Focus in the downtown area (e.g. Danforth/Kensington)
  • Provide support to caretakers through training and advice


ExpandTrap, Neuter and Return Clinic dates for 2016 and 2017

"Trap, Neuter and Return" clinic dates: Mondays and Tuesdays

Trap, Neuter and Return clinics will be held at Toronto Animal Services' North Animal Shelter (located at 1300 Sheppard Avenue) on Mondays and at the East Shelter (821 Progress Road) on Tuesdays. View shelter locations here.


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