Customer Service Standards

Economic Development & Culture - Customer Service Standards

Economic Development & Culture's mission is to advance Toronto's prosperity, opportunity and livability by:

  • Creating an environment in which both businesses and culture can thrive and grow.
  • Contributing to the growth of Toronto's economy by fostering employment and investment opportunities
  • Enhancing Toronto's cultural vibrancy by encouraging cultural expression and experiences.
  • Engaging partners in the development of the City's economic and cultural resources

To achieve this mission, we provide the following services:

  • Business Services
  • Cultural Services
  • Economic Competitiveness Services

Our Customer Service Commitment and Standard:

Economic Development & Culture (EDC) is dedicated to providing timely, accessible, and high quality engaged and collaborative services to all of our clients, partners, communities and residents of Toronto.

As a division, we hold our customer service to the following standards:


  • All external and internal messages, inquires or requests, via email or telephone, are acknowledged within one business day. Responses or updates to an inquiry/request's status are provided within one business day (Monday – Friday).
  • All written inquires or requests are responded to within three business days.


  • EDC staff will take all measures possible to accommodate your accessibility needs. Please contact EDC-run facilities directly to inquire if we can meet your needs. For other corporate facilities, please contact 311
  • Online/paper documents are available in accessible formats upon request
  • All measures are taking where applicable to meet the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), 2005.


  • EDC staff will use their best efforts to provide accurate and timely information/advice.
  • The information/advice/service provided will be complete and address your needs to the best of our ability. Where EDC cannot fulfill your needs, we will direct you to the appropriate resource, if available.


  • EDC will use its best efforts to connect and engage partners, stakeholders and clients to ensure the services delivered address and meet their needs and, support the well-being of Toronto and its residents.

In addition, you have the opportunity to provide your feedback on our services through the EDC Feedback process.


Corporate Service Standards

The City's corporate online, email and telephone service standards support the delivery of exceptional, equitable and accessible customer service.