Student Survey

What are our next steps?

Youth are a key population for initiatives aimed at preventing poor health outcomes and promoting healthy lifestyles. The TPH Student Survey provides essential information on the health of Toronto's youth that can be used by public health, school communities, and other agencies to identify priority issues and populations, and guide services and policies that promote the health and well-being of Toronto’s students.

The information from the Healthy Futures report will be shared with:

  • Educators and school administrators
  • Public health practitioners
  • Youth and school communities

Throughout 2015, data on selected topics from the Student Survey will be explored in further detail, looking closely at the effects of the social determinants of health and other associations between health behaviours and outcomes.

Topics to be examined include:

  • Mental health and well-being, including bullying and violence
  • Physical activity, eating behaviours, and healthy weights
  • Tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
  • Sexual health
  • Dental and oral health