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Chemical Tracking (ChemTrac)

Municipal Code Chapter 423, Environmental Reporting and Disclosure By-law, requires that certain facilities that exceed the specified thresholds, report information each year about thel use and release of 25 "priority substances" (as identified in the by-law These priority substances are found as contaminants in Toronto's environment (mostly air) and are of concern for health.

The by-law came into effect on January 1, 2010 and the first deadline for reporting of 2010 data was June 30, 2011.

This ChemTrac data set contains chemical tracking information submitted directly online by staff from each facility and includes the facility type, address, number of employees, contact information, use and release of priority substances.

Some companies that are below the thresholds volunteered the chemical use information, even though they are not legally obligated to disclose.

The purpose of disclosing the data is to inform the public of these facilities and encourage businesses and the public to pursue environmental improvements to reduce the use and release of these 25 "priority substances".  The first dataset to be disclosed through Open Data will cover the year 2010.

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