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The Toronto bikeways data is contained in the CP_TYPE column of the enhanced Toronto Centreline (TCL). The enhanced TCL stores linear features representing transportation corridors and boundaries, address points representing properties, doorways, sites, intersection features and area features.

All features are attributed with feature codes, with the date they were entered into the asset and the date they were removed from the current asset to the archival asset, with identification numbers unique over time and in the city and with name, lineage and accuracy information. The enhanced TCL also contains one-way travel information.

The Toronto bikeways data contains bicycle lanes, signed bicycle routes and pathways. It also shows suggested routes and connections in areas where routes have not yet been designated as part of the Bikeway Network. The suggested routes and connections have been identified in consultation with experienced Toronto cyclists and the Toronto Cycling Advisory Committee.

The bikeway information is appended to the enhanced Toronto Centreline file. The Toronto Centreline is a data set of linear features representing streets, walkways, rivers, railways, highways and administrative boundaries within the City of Toronto. Each line segment is described with a series of attributes including a unique identifier, name, feature code, and address ranges (where applicable).

We also include historical bike trails data dated 2001 and 2011

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