Richmond-Adelaide + Peter and Simcoe Streets

Bathurst-Adelaide Cycling Lay-by Construction August to October 2017

Transportation Services is installing a new dedicated space for cyclists to travel eastbound and queue at the Bathurst Street and Adelaide Street offset intersection.  This new installation will address concerns of conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians, and cyclists and motorists.  

 Artistic rendering of cycling lay-by to be constructed

Construction Timing & Impacts

Construction is scheduled to take place from August 21 to October 6, weather permitting.

Major construction includes sidewalk removals. Work hours will be Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday 9 a.m. to 7 pm.

This installation will require temporary traffic lane reductions and side walk closures. TTC Streetcar service will not be affected.


A Necessary Safety Improvement

Cycle tracks were installed eastbound on Adelaide Street West from Bathurst Street to University Avenue in 2014. The Adelaide Street West intersection is offset at Bathurst Street so that the west leg is south of the east leg. The cycle track starts on the east leg of Adelaide Street. A short segment of southbound bike lane on Bathurst Street connects the westbound cycle track on Richmond Street to the Adelaide Street cycle track. Furthermore, the west leg of Adelaide Street is a suggested cycling route providing a connection from the cycling route on Shaw Street.

Observations have showed significant queuing of cyclists at this location during the morning peak hour. Upwards of fifty cyclists have been observed to be congregating at the west boulevard of the Bathurst Street and Adelaide Street intersection waiting during a red light signal. Upwards of approximately 500 eastbound cyclists use this intersection during the morning peak hour. The extent of queuing of cyclists at this location is a safety and operational concern because of potential conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians and cyclists and motorists.

To address these concerns an intersection improvement design to accommodate cyclists within the boulevard area on the west side of Bathurst Street and Adelaide Street West intersection has been prepared. The local Councillor and stakeholders, including St. Mary's Church and Cycle Toronto, have been consulted in developing the design.

drawing of cycling lay-by described below


Key Features

  • A safe and dedicated space for the cyclists with green area marking to congregate on the west boulevard in front of the St Mary's church and continue to the Adelaide Cycle Tracks east of Bathurst Street
  • Smooth connection of Adelaide Street cycling facilities east and west of Bathurst Street
  • Guidance for cyclists through signage, pavement marking and a separate bike signal head
  • Avoiding pedestrians and cyclists conflict through separated and dedicated facilities for both pedestrians and cyclists
  • Accessible design features for visually impaired pedestrians, include tactile walking surface indicator plates and push buttons at all corners of the intersections


A First of Its Kind in the City

While the City already has a handful of indirect left-turn painted bike boxes at intersections on various cycling routes in the downtown, this type of physically separated lay-by is new for Toronto.

Similar designs are planned to be implemented at the Queen/Peter/Soho Street intersection on the north side of Queen Street, and at the O'Connor Drive and Woodbine Avenue intersection on the north side. Both of these projects are planned to be implemented in 2018.


Learn More

For more information about this installation and the Richmond-Adelaide Cycle Track Study, including Peter & Simcoe Streets, visit or contact:  416-338-2830