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Access T.O. for Undocumented Torontonians

In February 2013, City Council reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring that Torontonians, regardless of immigration status, have access to City services without fear of being asked for proof of status. Access T.O. for Undocumented Torontonians aims to improve customer service to this vulnerable population by ensuring that City staff have the necessary and relevant information needed to provide effective service.

Accessing City Services

Identification Requirements for City Services

City services are available to all residents of Toronto, regardless of immigration status. In many cases, City services may be accessed with proof of identification only. Proof of identification or residency is not necessarily an official government document. In many cases this can be as simple as providing a copy of a telephone or utility bill that shows the resident's address.


Under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), the City cannot collect personal information unless it is legally authorized to do so by statute or by law. In addition, the City can only collect information which is required for the provision of services.

Sharing information

Under MFIPPA, the City cannot disclose personal information to another government except in two very limited circumstances.


The City of Toronto is a "municipal corporation" that consists of all people living in the city and service must be provided to all people living in the city. In recognition of its responsibility to serve all Torontonians, Council has taken a proactive position by committing to ensuring that immigrants without full status have access to City services without fear. Council also asked staff to review current service provisions and identify opportunities to increase access to City services to undocumented Torontonians.