Customer Service Standards

Toronto Paramedic Services – Customer Service Standards

The Toronto Paramedic Servicesexists to safeguard the quality of life in Toronto by providing superior ambulance-based health service, responding in particular to patients with health emergencies and to special needs of vulnerable communities through mobile health care.

The division's services are provided through two main areas:

  • emergency and preventative care
  • emergency medical services system access and preliminary care

Services and standards:

  • Provide kind, courteous, compassionate and appropriate care on every call to which Toronto Paramedic Services responds (measured against number of complaints).
  • Answer all incoming 9-1-1 calls within three rings or 10 seconds, 90% of the time.
  • Provide 9-1-1 callers with immediate and ongoing patient care instructions (e.g., CPR, emergency childbirth) prior to Toronto Paramedic Services' arrival at the scene (measured against number of times when pre-arrival instructions are not given).
  • Meet patient needs by continuously identifying patients who require additional and/or alternative paramedic healthcare and community support (measured by number of community referrals through Toronto Paramedic Services).
  • Respond to customer complaints within two business days of the initial receipt of the complaint.


Corporate Service Standards

The City's corporate online, email and telephone service standards support the delivery of exceptional, equitable and accessible customer service.