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Heritage Conservation Districts

Heritage Conservation Districts (HCDs) are an important and powerful part of the heritage planning framework in Ontario and the City of Toronto. They serve to ensure that historically significant neighbourhoods and areas are protected and reflect Toronto as a place and people through their cultural heritage values and characteristics. HCDs are maintained so that every Torontonian, present and future, can appreciate and take pride in the City’s rich cultural heritage


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What is a Heritage Conservation District?

A Heritage Conservation District (HCD) is an area of the city that is protected by a municipal by-law passed under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA), by City Council.

How does a Heritage Conservation District work?

Heritage Conservation Districts ensure that the significance and character of areas with cultural heritage value are protected and conserved in the long term by managing change to the resources within it.

Built Form and Landscape Survey

The built form and landscape survey is a non-evaluative record used to collect basic data about properties, resources, landscape, design features, and groupings of resources prior to the determination of the significance of a district or its resources.

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